Fireworks and PTSD: Being Cautious to Veterans

Fireworks play a huge role in the Fourth of July festivities in South Mississippi.

However, for some of our veterans on the Coast, fireworks can take a toll. The loud booming sounds can trigger those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

Now, this is not saying residents can’t pop fireworks, however Kevin Cuttill with the Crusaders for Veterans tells News 25 thinking about our local heroes ahead of time makes a huge difference. “What we are asking is for our people to be a considerate neighbor if you are going to shoot the loud boomers off. We want everybody to enjoy the Fourth of July because that’s what freedom is all about, but be considerate. If you have a veteran next door, you might want to give them a heads up.”

Cuttill tells News 25 some veterans who suffer from PTSD usually find their own ways to cope with fireworks ahead of time.

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