Firework sales during COVID-19

Many firework stands across the Gulf Coast have had a tough time getting fireworks in time for the new year due to the coronavirus.

Local firework businesses are not letting that affect them.

Although firework sales are not booming like they were on the Fourth of July, businesses across the area have been grateful to have a constant flow leading up to the new year. Travis Williams, manager of Crazy Carl’s Fireworks in Long Beach, tells News 25 it has been very steady. “It’s steady. We were steady yesterday and we were steady a little bit the day before. It’s going pretty good I guess.”

Eddie Lovitt, owner of White Lightning Fireworks in Gulfport, did not expect such a good turnout. “Sales have been steady. A lot better than what we expected. Our first customer came in at 7:20 this morning and you know it has its off and on, but it is a lot busier than we thought it would be.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of the firework shipments were delayed or never received. “We’re missing a lot of fireworks because of shipments and orders.”

“Probably one shipment we did not get at all and two were completely delayed and some of the packages were lost.”

Many firework shows along the Gulf Coast have been canceled. Lovitt thinks the cancelations have helped local businesses. “I really think it has had a positive effect on the independent dealers.”

Crazy Carl’s Fireworks and White Lightning Fireworks will be open for business on New Year’s Day.

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