Firehouse Subs grant buys lifesaving equipment for Pascagoula Fire Dept

Through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, they’re saving lives, specifically here on the Coast.

The foundation recently announced they will award the Pascagoula Fire Department a grant valued at more than $30,000. Pascagoula FD will use these funds to purchase needed extrication equipment that is essential for them to perform at top-tier level.

Training Chief Jon Hyatt has been involved in grant writing for several years and says they’re purchasing spreaders, cutters, and Jaws of Life. “Which is going to allow us to get to patients faster in a car wreck. It will allow us to instead of having to deploy traditional equipment, they are battery powered so instead of hooking up to a generator and hoses and what not, which takes time, we can just go straight to work.”

Hyatt say he was partial to the Firehouse Foundation because he knew of their generous service to the Coast in 2005 when they sent out feeding trucks after Hurricane Katrina.

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