Firefighters in water

Recent events raised concerns over firefighters working in full gear near water, especially here on the Coast.
The Gulfport Fire Department debunked the rumor of firefighters drowning in water if they fall in with full gear. One demonstrated in a pool wearing over 50 pounds of equipment and continued to float in the water.
Fire officials tell News 25 the buoyancy of the tank gives firefighters extra time to maneuver without sinking. This prevents them from panicking and drowning while trying to get out of the water. Gulfport Fire Department District Chief Jason Edwards said, “The possibility of having a structure fire in zero visibility and actually find themselves in the water, it would be comforting to know that they know they’re not going to sink, that by doing the proper things they’ll actually be able get out of the water without any harm.”
About two weeks ago, Gulfport firefighters worked a barge fire out in the Mississippi Sound. The situation could have been deadly. No chemicals were released into the air.

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