Firefighter Awarded for Saving Officer

A Biloxi firefighter says he wasn’t on duty when he saved a police officer and his kids from drowning in the ocean.
Firefighter Charlie Herbert was awarded today during a ceremony at the Biloxi Police Department. Herbert was fishing when he and his friend came across a family struggling to stay above water after their boat had capsized. They pulled a man and his kids aboard his boat, saving them from drowning in open water.
The man that Herbert saved is a police officer for Biloxi. Herbert tells News 25 as their fishing boat got closer, they realized that family’s boat was almost entirely swallowed by water. “When we pulled over there, we realized it was a young boy sitting on top of a boat and then we noticed his dad was behind him and had his daughter on his back, trying to swim back to the boat and with the current, he would have never made it. There’s somebody that made all this happen and it’s the good Lord above that saved them.”
Herbert says he was just doing what anyone else would do.
There were many other awards given out at the ceremony. Biloxi’s eight new police officers also came to the event and were sworn into the department.

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