Fire Rating Dips in Canal Road Area

Residents in one Harrison County area are now able to save money when it comes to fire insurance.
The Mississippi State Rating Bureau awarded the Canal Road Fire Protection Service Area a class 6 fire rating. The area receiving the decreased rating incorporates a square area from Landon Road to Canal Road to Highway 53 back to the city limits.
Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan wants to remind residents that it falls on them to contact their insurance agency to make sure their insurance rates reflect the new rating. “Well, we’re putting word out that we did get a reduction from the rating bureau. If they have any questions, they need to contact their insurance company because they’re the ones that determine a lot of different things and each policy is a little different. So, that’s very important there. They can also contact the rating bureau and get information from them.”
For more information on your fire rating, contact the state rating bureau at (601)-981-2915.

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