Fire around Biloxi Road and Wilson Road in Jackson County spread to 1,040 acres

The fire near Old Biloxi Road continues to spread in Jackson County.

Around 9:40 this morning, fire crews responded to a very large brush fire that was burning tall trees in the area. Agencies assisting include the Mississippi Forestry Commission, the U.S. Forest Service, and Harrison County Fire.

The fire is around Biloxi Road and Wilson Road near Latimer. As of our latest update, the fire has reached a spread of 1,040 acres.

Part of Old Biloxi Road was closed at around 5 p.m., but has since been reopened. Neighborhoods that were evacuated during the fire have been allowed to return back home.

No deaths or injuries have been reported.

While roads are open, residents are asked to still try to avoid the area if they do not have direct business near the fire’s location. Region 4 Forestry P.I.O. Kevin Craft said, “Our average wildfire for the Mississippi Forest Commission was 21 acres last year and that’s state wide, so I mean this is a bigger fire compared to some of the other ones we have, but our federal guys, our state guys, our rural fire departments are trained to handle this kind of blaze, and we’re working on it very rigorously to put it out.”

The fire departments are now currently fighting another fire located about ten minutes east of Old Biloxi Road. This fire is currently spread about 400 acres.

No roads are closed due to this at the time.

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