Fire Academy For Kids

Is your child interested in becoming a firefighter one day? Biloxi Fire Department has an option for you.
Fire Academy for Kids is a free five day camp for youngsters ranging from ages 7 to 12. Not only will they learn about careers in the fire department, they will also learn CPR, seat belt safety and boat safety from the Department of Marine Resources.
Many agencies are involved to put on demonstrations and activities for the kids to give them hands on experience with the fire department. Biloxi Fire Deputy Chief Vincent Payne said, “When they grow up, these practices will be instilled in them and that way they can pass this onto, I’ve had some pass it onto their grandparents, their parents and as they get older they can pass it onto their kids. It’s all about safety and we want these kids to be safe and we want the community to be safe and the more we preach it, the more we teach it, the more they’ll practice it.”
Biloxi Fire Department can accommodate about 50 kids in this summer’s program from June 6th to the 10th. Registration forms are available on the fire department’s Facebook page. Sign up for the camp is first come, first serve.

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