Finishing Touches on North Harrison County Industrial Complex

Today, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors voted to give the Harrison County Development Commission 1 million dollars to help complete its newest industrial park.
The North Harrison County Industrial Complex, which will be located off of old Highway 49 in the northern most part of the county, has been in the making for almost seven years. Now, it’s nearing completion.
News 25’s Bryan Kennedy has the details.
Construction equipment on Old Highway 49 is clearing the way for the North Harrison County Industrial Complex. The Harrison County Development Commission will be footing the bill for the majority of the 6 million dollar complex.
Bill Hessell, the executive director of the Harrison County Development Commission said, “The development commission has fortunately over the years, working with the Board of Supervisors, has been able to sell property and take those proceeds and put them in a capital fund for this type of endeavor.”
But today, the commission told supervisors 1 million dollars would be needed to offset final development costs. The 600 acre complex will be the sixth industrial park for the county, adding to the 5,000 jobs at the county’s existing industrial complexes. 
Windy Swetman, Harrison County District 1 supervisor, said, “and that’s what we have to do as leaders and elected officials, is have a long-term, long-range plan that’s sustainable, not just something that’s just instant, it’s here and then it’s gone. We don’t want to just create jobs; we want to keep jobs and good paying jobs here.”
One asset this industrial park will feature is the railroad that runs directly through the property. It’s one of the many reasons why county leaders believe businesses will be knocking down the door to be a part of this industrial park.
“There’s rail. There’s major highway. There’s port. So, this has so many opportunities for businesses that want to come here that need those transportation opportunities,” said Swetman.
The complex isn’t being built without opposition. Neighbors tell News 25, they fought to keep the complex out, but eventually lost.
No official word yet on possible tenants, although News 25 is told seven businesses have expressed an interest. “We’re selective, we’re not going to take just any industry that comes, but you know you gotta weigh the benefit of the company to the taxpayers of Harrison County who’s paid for this,” Hessell said.
Old Highway 49 and parts of Nobles Road are closed while crews finish the park. Crews ask for drivers to please obey traffic signs in the area to help keep everyone safe.

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