Finishing Touches on Ken Combs Pier to be Completed Soon

Nearly three years after Hurricane Isaac battered Gulfport’s city piers, approval for finishing touches on the fourth and final pier repairs has been granted by the City Council.
News 25’s Kendra Turley was at today’s meeting and she caught up with a few people who welcome these completed repairs.
Fishing on the Gulfport piers is a weekly activity for Steven Riley. Unfortunately, his routine was thrown off when Hurricane Isaac hit the Gulf Coast back in 2012. “It was very devastating because it only limited us to fishing so far,” said Riley.
The city of Gulfport took action and repaired most of the piers including the Roland, Moses and Urie Piers. However, the Ken Combs Pier is still incomplete.
Three of the piers have been repaired and the Ken Combs pier is expected to reopen next month. Gulfport Council Member Ricky Dombrowski said, “It’s a bigger pier, it’s longer. There’s a lot more damage that was done to that pier, so it is taking a little bit longer.”
In all, repairs on the four piers total about 929 thousand dollars.

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