Final Term for Long Beach Mayor

Long Beach Mayor Billy Skellie has announced that this will be his final term.
Mayor Billy Skellie is a life-long resident of Long Beach and has served as the city’s mayor for 12 years. He’s served through the devestation and recovery of Katrina, Isaac, and the BP oil spill. He’s also proud to have played a part in the growth Long Beach has seen over the past few years including building facilities like city hall, two new fire stations, the business growth on Jeff Davis Avenue and much more.
Skellie tells News 25 he hopes to see the next mayor keep up the momentum. “Where they really, really love and care for the city and in doing so, they’re going to, in most cases, make the right decisions to help us grow and to help us be just a great place to live and we have that reputation. I’d love to see it continue, you know where people feel good to be here.”
Mayor Skellie tells News 25 he’s ready to retire to spend more time with his wife, traveling and fishing.

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