Final Georgia recount numbers show Biden hangs on


Here is a breakdown of the numbers from the Secretary of State’s office as of Thursday night:

Counties with the biggest changes:

DEKALB       Biden gains 560

FULTON       Trump gains 345

COBB          Biden gains 315

GWINNETT  Trump gains 285

ROCKDALE  Trump gains 241

Most added votes (new votes added to the original count):

FLOYD           2,464, Biden gains 92

(NOTE: This was the 1st county to report uncounted votes that went for Trump, but the numbers posted today show Biden gained more in the county recount)

GWINNETT   1,642, Trump gains 285

DEKALB        732, Biden gains 560

FULTON        634, Trump gains 345


Trump picks up 496, Biden wins by 12,780

Secretary of State conclusions:

The differential of the audit results from the original machine counted results is well within the expected margin of human error that occurs when hand-counting ballots. A 2012 study by Rice University and Clemson University found that “hand counting of votes in postelection audit or recount procedures can result in error rates of up to 2 percent.” In Georgia’s recount, the highest error rate in any county recount was .73%.

Up Next:

–The final vote must be certified

— Because the margin is less than 0.5%, President Trump can request another recount.  The state would rescan all paper ballots.  The current recount was done by hand by election workers.

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