Final funding approved for Singing River Mall property in Gautier

Good news coming from the City of Gautier regarding an update to the Singing River Mall property that’s been vacant for around seven years now.

The city was able to get the final funding approved to purchases the property. The approval of the $3.5 million from the Restore Act took place at the last legislature meeting.

This is an opportunity to create jobs, bring in more revenue, and give the City of Gautier the chance to redevelop something great for the next generation.

Mayor Phil Torjusen tells News 25 who will be in charge of this project. “It will be a total mixed use there. We already entered into an agreement with a gentleman with Blackwater Resources. He was very instrumental in the development in Orange Beach. People are familiar with that. He is going to be our consultant working solely on our project for this. He is going to be leading the charge. He’s got all the contacts already and he’s bringing them with him.”

The next step will be closing of the Singing River Mall property. Mayor Torjusen believes that process will take around 60 to 90 days.

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