Final Days for Sheriff Brisolara

There will be a new sheriff in town as Harrison County Sheriff Melvin Brisolara is coming to the final days of his tenure. News 25’s Katarina Luketich sat down with the outgoing sheriff as he reflects on his eight years in office.
His term is not officially over until Monday but Harrison County Sheriff Melvin Brisolara is all moved out of his office. While he’ll soon be walking out of the jail for the last time, it’s not with a heavy heart. “I feel great. You know, I feel that I’ve fulfilled my obligations as sheriff of Harrison County. I feel I have done my job and it’s time to move on to the next venture.”
Brisolara says the department was deplorable when he took office in 2008, with understaffing and overcrowding plaguing the jail. He’s proud of the department he helped build, one with well-trained staff, the latest technology for his deputies and a jail that’s cut down the number of inmates by more than half. “We’re locking up the people that are bad,” said Brisolara, “We’ve got plenty of room to lock up the bad. We’re just processing them quicker.”
The accomplishment he’s most proud of is getting the decree of federal oversight from the Department of Justice lifted back in August, a feat he’s been working on since he stepped into office eight years ago. “It’s been a disgrace to Harrison County and we got that lifted. That’s one of the biggest accomplishments and that’s going to open doors for us to be able to do a lot of other things with the inmates.”
So, what’s next for the outgoing sheriff? “I’m gonna try nothing,” said Brisolara, “See how that works out. If I enjoy that, I might just continue to stay fully retired.”
In his final days as sheriff, Brisolara says he regrets nothing, is proud of what he and his staff accomplished and is excited to see where the sheriff’s department grows from here.
Sheriff-elect Troy Peterson will be sworn in on Monday.

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