Filming on Shark Lake is Ongoing in Wiggins

Filming in south Mississippi has become more and more attractive to filmmakers in recent years, including Shark Lake, which is being shot right now in Wiggins.

These films bring both jobs and revenue to the Coast. Panic stricken cries echo across the usually peaceful Flint Creek in Wiggins as filming for Shark Lake, starring Dolph Lungren, is underway, bringing new opportunities for locals. Nita Procell, an actress in Shark Lake, says, "They’re bringing so many movies down here, and people can actually get parts in them as an extra. It’s not that hard to get work in them.”

Procell has been in the movie industry for many years, and she, like some other local directors and film enthusiasts, has noticed more films on the Gulf Coast in recent years. Ronnie Blakeney, an extra in Shark Lake and independent film director, says, "We did our first independent film back in 2004 and since then, we have seen just an absolute explosion in activity in the film industry. I think people are starting to pay attention to south Mississippi."

It’s not only actors and crew who benefit, but local bars and restaurants see increased sales as well. Chuck Shafer, owner/head chef of Shady’s New World Cuisine, says, "When they come into an area like this, they’re employing a lot of people. It can only be good, only be good."

The waters at Flint Creek in Wiggins are calm right now, but thanks to a little movie magic, there’s a blood thirsty shark hiding just below the surface. Jerry Dugan, Director of Shark Lake, says, "I’m most excited to do what Jaws did to me as a child, but instead of making people afraid to go into the water, I want people to be afraid to go into the lake."

The filming is set to wrap sometime this year and WXXV viewers may notice some familiar faces on the big screen, including Ryan Mahan and Toni Miles. The release is still a long time away, but those involved can’t wait for the finished product.

Miles closes, "Well I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m just glad I wasn’t the one eaten by the shark. We don’t want any spoilers or anything."

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