FEMA Zeta Disaster Assistance update

Thousands of home owners, renters, and business owners in South Mississippi are getting some much needed help to make repairs and rebound from Hurricane Zeta thanks to disaster assistance being allocated by the SBA and FEMA.

As of this morning, more than 12,000 Mississippians have been approved for Hurricane Zeta Disaster Assistance through FEMA, according to Media Relations Manager Robert Howard.

More than $9 million has been allocated to applicants in our area and more assistance will be granted to those who qualify and apply before the March 1st deadline.

Howard says if you applied for FEMA disaster assistance and was denied or you believe you should have qualified for more money you can appeal the decision. “When you receive a determination letter, it’s very important that you read it very carefully because if for some reason you’ve been declined assistance, the reason will be there. Often, it’s because there’s missing information. Read that letter very carefully, then contact FEMA and provide the updated information.”

You must file your appeal in writing to FEMA via a signed and dated letter that must explain the reason for your appeal.

The letter should include your full name, disaster number, address of pre-disaster primary residence, your current phone number and address and your FEMA registration number on each page of your documents.

You have until March 1st to apply for FEMA disaster assistance.

You can do so though the FEMA app, go online at disasterassistance.gov, or call them at 1-800-621-3362.

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