Feeding the Gulf Coast provides for the community suffering from food insecurity

As we start preparing for the holidays, you might want to prepare yourself for these statistics about food insecurity.

These numbers have gone up since the pandemic, but as of now within Mississippi one in five adults and one in three children are experiencing food insecurity.

The nonprofit ‘Feeding the Gulf Coast’ envisions a future with a hunger-free central Gulf Coast. They’re making this a reality by acting as a food bank and providing pantries with food.

They also have numerous feeding programs that focus on child nourishment, food rescue programs taking leftovers from stores and farmers, and benefit outreach programs. Feeding the Gulf Coast President Michael Ledger said, “As you might see, we’re looking to expand our operation. We’ve just installed a large cooler here. We had racking delivered. We’re looking to expand this facility so we can put even more food and address the needs of folks facing food insecurity.”

They serve eight counties in Mississippi and have provided 3.4 million meals to these counties since the start of the pandemic.

To learn more about Feeding the Gulf Coast, donate, get help, or become a volunteer visit www.feedingthegulfcoast.org.

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