Feed my Sheep offered free COVID-19 testing today

They’re battling COVID on another front in Gulfport. Free COVID-19 testing took place at Feed my Sheep today.

Gulfport’s faith-based non-profit Feed my Sheep has been branching out to help curb the spread of COVID by offering free COVID tests. Executive Director David Lion said, “This is the fourth time we’ve done it, ever since the pandemic broke out. We are really trying to make sure the homeless population is aware, as best we can, taking precautions, and getting tested as often as possible.”

Dozens of people in the area rolled in and stepped up for Tuesday’s testing including the homeless who are also fighting the current cold snap. “They’re a really tough-a really tough and hardy population. I think living outside toughens you up as well. We’ve been fortunate so far that there has not been a break out within the population to my knowledge. I’ve heard of a few cases here and there, but for the most part, they’ve gotten good medical attention, we’ve been good at monitoring, with the help from Coastal Family Health, their overall health.”

Feed my Sheep continues to carry out its primary mission daily, serving hot meals free of charge to the local community seven days a week. “Because of the downturn in the economy, there’s really been an increase. We served over 171,000 meals last year. Just in the month of December alone, we did more than 21,000 meals, and those numbers are approximately 90-percent higher than previous the years, so those numbers are really going up.”

The community all around has stepped up to meet these needs.

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