Feed my Sheep Fundraiser

The Gulfport based Feed my Sheep program continually works to provide food and nourishment to those who need it most here along the Coast.
The soup kitchen and the City of Gulfport teamed up to raise money to help keep that tradition going. Restaurants from all across the Coast set up shop at The Chimney’s restaurant in Gulfport this evening for the Feed my Sheep annual spring fundraiser. One hundred dollar tickets allowed guest access to unlimited food, drinks and hors d’oeuvres from local favorites.
Nearly $250,000 a year is needed for Feed my Sheep to operate. Feed my Sheep Chairman Ted Riemann said, “It takes a lot to buy that kind of food and pay the salaries of our people and buy the supplies there at Feed my Sheep. So, the generation of the community is what it’s all about for us, those people that believe like me that one dollar given to the poor is a gift to God.”
In 2015, Feed my Sheep served over 175,000 meals which included the one millionth meal since reopening after Hurricane Katrina.
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