Federal Law Looks to Provide More Help for Families of Fallen Officers

A new federal law is aimed at providing better financial help to the families of fallen officers by making death benefits tax free.
President Obama recently signed a bill, receiving unanimous support, to make all death benefits paid to families of fallen police officers tax free. Senator Roger Wicker said, “ at a time when we think about our fallen heroes, clearly that involves the folks that step forward domestically to make us safe on the streets and safe in the United States of America.”
When an officer is killed in the line of duty, the family will receive workmen’s compensation benefits, about $330,000 from the Department of Labor, as well as various other state and federal benefits, all of which will now be free from federal income tax.
Lt. Michael Brumley, with the Biloxi Police, says, “it may sound like a large sum of money for one time, but it’s not going to last. So every bit that we could get to our survivors that would be tax exempt would be more money for them either or education for your children, or just to pay the bills.”
Lt. Brumley tells News 25 it’s always in the back of his mind and recent events like the deaths of two Hattiesburg police officers, brings back the reality that something could happen anytime.

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