Federal ban on bump stocks now in effect

Today, a federal ban on bump stocks has taken effect.

Gulfport resident Robert Newman said, “It’s definitely moving in the wrong direction. I believe gun ownership is our second amendment right and anything to deny that definitely infringes on our rights as Americans.”

Newman isn’t alone in thinking this new ban infringes on the second amendment, but there are South Mississippians on both sides. Christy Wheeler with the League of Women Voters said, “Anything that creates a dialogue that creates awareness is going to help in moving forward. If it stops gun violence, if it increases our safety, it’s worth doing.”

Bump stocks are a gun attachment that allows shooters to fire continuously with one pull of the trigger. They got some backlash after one was used in the 2017 Las Vegas massacre killing 58 people. Soon after that shooting, President Trump swore to outlaw bump stocks.

There are some pro-gun people on the fence for this ban like Kevin Riley, the owner of Dad’s Super Pawn in Gulfport. “I’m not against banning the bump stock, but it has to have a stopping point and if we go further than this it is going to get carried away.”

Riley thinks this ban won’t change the amount of mass shootings we see either. “This will have zero effect on any gun issues with mentally disturbed people in this country.”

Those on the supporting side of this ban are hoping it will start a ripple into more gun control. “It’s a start. Bump stocks is a device and accessory to a gun. What we really need to be looking at is assault weapons and we need to be looking at what are the causes of gun violence in the United States.”

Whether you are for or against this ban, starting March 27th possession of a bump stock will be a felony which can carry a hefty fine or up to ten years in prison.

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