February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

This month is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and News 25 spoke with Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence on knowing the signs of teen abuse.

One in three teens in the U.S will experience dating violence in forms of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from someone they are in a relationship with.

Violence can occur in all teens, but especially in teen girls, leaving them to suffer long-term behavioral and health consequences.

Signs of abuse in teens include explosive temper, jealousy, and possessiveness.

Alicia Tarrant, youth outreach coordinator with Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence, says social media plays a major role in teen dating violence because it is harder to monitor what your teenager is doing. “Often times the signs are very similar to what they are in adult relationships. It could be done digitally where a teen is being stalked online by a dating partner. Emotional abuse is also very common in teen dating violence.”

On Thursday, February 17th from 1 until 2:30 p.m. the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence will host a webinar series talking with teens about healthy relationships.

If you or someone you know is experiencing teen abuse contact 800-800-1396.

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