February is Heart Health Awareness Month

Many consider February the month of love, however, this year marks the 57th consecutive year the American Heart Association has named February American Heart Month.

Cardiovascular disease, also known as ‘the silent killer’ is the leading cause of death in the nation.

In order to raise awareness, Singing River Health System cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Jason Williams says a few simple things all Americans can do to boost their heart health include not smoking, exercising at least a little every day, and limiting fast food intake. “If you can make those slight little changes, I think everyone of us will have a much healthier future.”

Women tend to make up a greater number of those who suffer from heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, one in every three women are diagnosed with heart disease annually.

In order to support those women fighting heart disease and bring awareness to the cause, the American Heart Association and local healthcare systems asks everyone to wear red and ‘Go Red for Women’ the first Friday of every February. American Heart Association Gulf Coast Development Director Taji Kirkland said, “And it’s just a landmark for us to just show that we’re united for a common goal and that’s to eradicate heart disease and stroke.”

Although many of the long-lasting effects of the coronavirus on the heart are still unknown, one immediate effect is the reluctance of people to go to the hospital when they’re experiencing heart problems. “The reality of it is heart disease still happens even in the era of COVID. And if you wait and you don’t get it taken care of now, a year or two from now when COVID isn’t as big of an issue and you do finally see your doctor, things may be a lot farther along than they were presently.”

To help promote heart health, Singing River Health System is offering $25 off calcium score screenings which can help determine if you have risk factors that need to be evaluated.

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