FBI to Join Bay St. Louis Investigation

As the bizarre story surrounding the death of Bay St. Louis Chief Mike De Nardo unfolds, the FBI will now participate in the investigation of the Bay St. Louis Police Department.
As the investigation into payroll fraud allegations against De Nardo take place, Slabbed Media, a self-proclaimed “alternative media” source, has called for the resignation of Bay St. Louis Mayor Les Fillingame. The site also mentions several others employed by the city, which Slabbed claims “should be asked to step down without pay until the payroll fraud investigation by the FBI is concluded, using the same premise under which Mayor Fillingame suspended Chief Mike De Nardo.”
Mayor Fillingame said, “As far as we know right now, everything is police department related. This is the sheriff’s department investigation. I know he has the MBI and the FBI that are going to come in and help with the investigation, but it’s in good hands. We’re very resolute to just wait until they can come forward with whatever details they have and we will deal with it as we go forward.”
News 25 will continue to monitor the situation in Bay St. Louis and bring you the details as they emerge.

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