Famous figures from all throughout history came to life tonight at North Woolmarket middle school. Sixth grade students hosted a “living wax museum” with Babe Ruth, Mother Teresa, Kate Middleton and many more. Each student got to pick who they wanted to do their project on, so they got really into it. They had to write essays, come up with their own costumes and make a board about their famous figure. Parents and families went around the room to meet them and each one had a start button.Once the start button was pushed the famous person would tell all about themselves!
Babe Ruth said “Hello, my name is Babe Ruth. I play professional baseball for the New York Yankees.I will live on to be the all time home-run king and seven world championships for them. I was born in on February 6th 18-95 to Katherine and George Herman Ruth.” Melissa Fayard the 6th Grade English Language Arts teacher at Woolmarket Middle School said “Oh they loved it. It was so exciting. You know I teach ELA and social studies so they read about these characters all the time in their social studies book, but this way came to life. So they really enjoyed it.” Some of the students even went as far in their research to mimic their characters voice and mannerisms.

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