Family Safe after Multiple Car Fires

A family of seven counts their blessings after fire engulfed several of their vehicles just inches away from their home overnight in St. Martin. News 25’s Laurene Callander reports.
Two vehicles burnt to a crisp and a third suffering heat damage: this is the sight early Monday morning in St. Martin after a fire erupted around 2:30 in the Franklin family’s driveway. Homeowner Ashley Franklin said, “My 13-year-old son came in the room and said ‘there’s a fire outside’ and we were hoping it was a bad dream or a nightmare or something, but we looked outside and true enough we had a truck out here in flames.”
Both Ashley Franklin and her husband call their 13-year-old son a hero, praising him for something he usually gets scolded for. Homeowner Deadrick Franklin said, “We have to get up and keep checking on him like ‘go to sleep, go to sleep!’ but I guess this particular time it’s good we left him alone and he came to save us. He’s our big hero.”
The Franklin family lost two of their vehicles, but they are thankful the firefighters saved what is important. “Just to see them come out here and just tackle the fire like that, it was amazing to me. Thank God the cars can be replaced, the kids are okay. We’re okay. Everybody is fine,” said Ashley Franklin.
Deadrick Franklin believes an electrical issue under the hood of the 2011 Tahoe sparked the flames and then destroyed their 2003 Maxima.
Even with the cars parked inches from their home, little damage reached the property.

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