Family Reunited After 6 Month Deployment

Eleven members of the Air Force Reserve 403rd Wing returned home today after being deployed for six months in the Middle East.
Three year old Brooklynn Dockery and her big sister Makayla could not wait for today: a reunion with their mommy. Six months ago their mother, Erica Dockery, left Gulfport to serve our county overseas. “I really, really miss my mom and I’ve been really excited for 180 days to see her,” said daughter Makayla.
After only being able to contact each other through email, pictures and letters, today the Dockery’s are finally reunited. Joshua Dockery said, “It’s been a long six months but we know that they had a job to go do and we’re just glad that everyone is coming home safe, so we appreciate their service and sacrifices.”
Erica Dockery returned home today after providing security for the Air Force’s central command area in the Middle East. “It was awesome,” she said, “I missed my family though.”
But each other isn’t the only thing they missed. “We missed her birthday and we missed our anniversary, so we’re going to take her out and we missed Makayla’s birthday, my birthday and Brooklynn’s birthday. So, we missed a lot of holidays but it is okay because she’s coming home and that’s all that matters,” said Joshua Dockery. Because home is where the heart is. “The family is complete again,” said Brooklynn.

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