Family Reunion History Fair

A group of Coast elementary school students are prepared to give Gulfport residents a history lesson.
Tomorrow from 9 until noon, Pass Road Elementary will be putting on a Gulfport family reunion. The fair will be packed with over 25 representatives to inform you on their history and how they are connected to the City of Gulfport.
Churches and the National Geographic Society will be on hand to speak with students and community members.
Melanie Davis is the teacher behind the program, but she wants everyone to come and see the work her students put into this project. “We really want them to spotlight and see how hard our students are working. This is student led, this is all their interest. They really want to work on their inter-generational friendships and working with the older community so we don’t lose our history and that it is passed on to the next generation.”
And what is a family reunion without games? After the fair, everyone will move outside to play typical family reunion games.

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