Family of Homeless Woman Killed by Train Still Grieves

It’s been one week since a homeless woman was killed by a train in Biloxi.

Her family is still grieving, her mother hoping that her daughter’s death and the conditions she was living in when she died will help shed light on the problem of homelessness on the Gulf Coast, and the lack of transitional programs and houses to help the homeless get back on their feet. Mary Littell tells News 25 her daughter, Crystal Barmer, was searching for a job, trying to get back on her feet, and get her three kids back when her life was cut short and she was hit by a train at the age of 29.

Littell says, “I’m just reaching out to the public to let you know there’s a lot of homeless people out there that need help. Don’t be afraid of them. Give what you can give. Give daily, don’t just give on holidays.”

Its stories like these that make one wonder, what will help ease the problem of homelessness in the area, especially in the cases of those hardest hit, such as women, children, and families?

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