Family Looks to Raise Funeral Funds

Jason Lee Johnson of Hancock County went missing late last month and was found dead in the woods near his home on Monday. Now his family looks to lay him to rest, but they need a helping hand from the community.
A nightmare come to life for friends and family, after rallying the community to search for a man who’d been missing for 12 days, authorities located Jason Lee Johnson’s body on Monday and with the loss of Johnson still fresh on their minds, the people who loved him now look for a way to put him to rest properly. Ashley Ladner, Johnson’s cousin, said “It’s rough on everybody, especially his immediate family. Dad, mom, brothers, it’s rough on the people that was there and witnessed it and it is a healing process. The pain may never go away. It’s always going to be there.”
Johnson’s cousin, Ashley Ladner, hopes that raising the money to give him a proper burial is the next step in moving past this tragic loss. “Once he’s finally put to rest, it’ll help big time. Right now, it’s coming up with funds to put him to rest.”
Johnson’s family has set up a benefit account that allows donations at all Hancock and Whitney Bank locations where you can help them raise money needed to cover funeral expenses. “All the money will go to the services and if we have enough, a headstone. If there’s anything left after that, it’ll go to his kids,” said Ladner.
Ladner says about $4,000 is needed to cover the cost of Johnson’s burial and help her family pull together to make it through such a difficult time.

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