Family holds vigil for woman killed in Gulfport hit and run

Family and friends of Diane Dunn, the 79-year-old woman who was hit and killed by a vehicle on March 11th, held a candle light vigil this evening.

A photo of Miss Dunn surrounded by candles and balloons was placed at the location she was hit on Tennessee Street in Gulfport.

Visitors then gathered around the vigil with lit candles as they shared their love and prayers for Miss Dunn.

As of today, the Gulfport Police Department has brought one man in for questioning who has since been released, but his vehicle is still in custody.

As of now, there are no suspects related to this case.

Diane Dunn’s granddaughter Natalie Brashier said, “I just wanted to talk to her one more time.”

Diane Dunn’s son Bobby Dunn said, “I wanted to say goodbye. I can’t get a chance to say goodbye, and I talked to her on the phone two hours before that and she said I’m going to walk to the store and I always say be careful mom.”

If you have any information on this case, please call the Gulfport Police Department at 228-868-5900.

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