Family, Career and Community Leaders of America teaches kids life skills

It’s FCCLA Week and that means students are spreading awareness about what the national club does. It gives kids the skills to make their communities better.

The first thing you notice about Alyssa, Syrianna, Jasmine and Zalondre is their maturity – this reporter thought the Pass Christian teenagers were on their way to graduation, but it turns out they’re all sophomores. They’re polite, appreciative and easy to talk to. It has everything to do with their involvement in FCCLA – Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

The club teaches these kids cooperation, communication skills and, of course, leadership. Sophomore Jasmine Nguyen said, “Leadership, people think it means standing out but it’s not just that. It’s seeing the wrong, wanting to take action, wanting to change it.”

Teacher Jennifer Frye heads up the club at Pass Christian. She guides them as they pitch community service projects, like making it easier for people in poverty to get clothes. “Those are skills they’re going to have to use the rest of their life. They get the opportunity to learn those skills and practice them. And so that’s very important.”

Sophomore Syrianna Walker said, “I thought it was a college opportunity, but now I’m actually am learning things I could use in the real world and it’s fun and interesting.”

This is the club’s first school year. High schoolers from any grade can join in, and there are 37 members so far. For FCCLA Week, the group is spreading the word that they’re here to help. “We need to get that out to the community. That’s what FCCLA Week is about. That’s what Alyssa has embodied: sharing what we are, who we are with our community, and with our faculty and with our students.”

Just recently the club sent valentines to a local nursing home – and it’s now collecting pet supplies and toys for the shelters.

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