Families Explore Alligator Habitat in Ocean Springs

A program called “Amazing Alligators” was held this morning at the National Seashore Park in Ocean Springs. News 25’s Gina Tomlinson went to the park to learn about the reptiles and thankfully came out unharmed to tell us about it.
One of the very last prehistoric remnants of dinosaurs is the wild alligator. This is according to National Park Ranger Chris Bramblett. Four or five of the reptiles like to hang out at the National Seashore Park in Ocean Springs but only one can be seen daily. “Trust me, I’ve never seen an alligator before. This is probably the first alligator I’ve ever seen.,” said park guest Ronald Dale.
In David’s Bayou, it’s all about alligators. Families can meet at the alligator pond and learn about the creatures’ history, habitat, what they eat and how big they get. One gator was spotted hiding in the marsh. “All we could see was the head. We actually can tell about the head by measuring it,” said Dale.
To get a better idea of how big an alligator actually is, park guides suggest measuring its skull from the tip of its nose to the middle area of its eyes. “This is 12 inches longs. This is roughly a 12 foot alligator,” said Bramblett.
The park’s ponds and marshes make a perfect habitat for the gators to have a big selection for any meal. “The more food in the area, the bigger they get and they actually have an eight foot alligator here and it’s huge,” said Dale.
Bramblett tells News 25 the gators typically eat fish, birds and have been known to consume deer. Don’t worry, humans are still at the top of the food chain.
The park has programs every day for families, biologists, children and anyone curious about wildlife. “This is a park that is in your backyard. There’s no charge to get in it and it is a wonderful place to walk around and enjoy a natural habitat,” said Bramblett.

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