Familiar faces greet South Mississippi voters at local precincts

While the results of today’s primaries are still uncertain, some things remain the same such as familiar faces at some of South Mississippi’s most popular precincts.

News 25’s Toni Miles takes us behind the scenes at the precinct located at the Donal Snyder Community Center where at least two poll workers have put in 20 years or more working elections.

South Mississippians filed into the Donal Snyder Community Center in Biloxi as voting got underway Tuesday. Poll manager Sally Romero knew many voters by first name.

Not surprising considering 2020 marks Romero’s 20th year working at this precinct. It’s a job she takes seriously and one that’s always changing. “When I first started voting, we tallied everything. That was many years ago.”

Romero is surrounded by experienced poll workers, some with several years’ experience, one man with more than two decades working this precinct. And who better to gauge the first few hours of Tuesday’s voter turnout? “It hasn’t been heavy, but steady. The weather’s cooperating beautifully.”

What matters most on this day is the vote, each and every one, as Romero and others in this area witness during the historic District 50 Senate race in this area. “Just in recent years we found out that just one vote is very, very important, and if you really care, you will come out and vote.”

Romero and other poll workers will be here on March 31st if there’s a need for a runoff and on November 3rd for the general election. “We’re here to help you in any way we can. There are rules and laws that change yearly. We go to school every year. We learn those rules and try to abide by them. We take an oath every morning before we start the polls that we will not attempt to aid, guide or in any way – except expressly by law.”

There’s one thing poll workers say you can count on here, that each and every vote counts and is counted properly.

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