Fallen Oak Golf Course preps for Rapiscan Systems Classic

The Rapiscan Systems Classic is back yet again. The annual golf tournament takes place from March 25th to the 31st.
News 25’s Kristen Anzuini has the inside scoop on what the folks over at Fallen Oak are doing to prep for this huge event.

Employees at Fallen Oak golf course are prepping for the annual Rapiscan Systems Classic.
This is the events 10th year, and officials are hoping for another hole in one.
Matt Hughes, director of grounds says, “I’m excited, my staff is excited they have done a wonderful job this year preparing for the event. And it has been nice. ”
Although the staff at Fallen Oak has been putting this tournament together for a decade… Officials say prepping for the event is never the same.
“Very challenging, every year is different, we go through many challenges this year was a little different than most years we had to deal with some wet conditions this year compared to years past and deal with mother nature so you always have to plan and prepare and work around the weather and hopefully the weather is good for us,” says Hughes
And although the course looks picture perfect on tournament day, you might be surprised at the amount of work it takes to keep it that way.
“It’s all year, for us, we prepare the golf course on championship conditions everyday so its just a little tweaking a modification and shifting around some schedules and enjoying what we do out here,” says Hughes.
To see all of this hard work put into action, head out to the tournament on March 25th through the 31st.
Admission is free.
“There are about a few thousand spectators out here and they all enjoy it.”

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