‘Extend A Hand, Help A Friend’ serving free meals to senior citizens

For those senior citizens in Gulfport who can’t buy groceries to cook proper meals at this time, help is on the way with free meals being delivered to your doorstep.

Thanks to the Extra Tables organization in Hattiesburg, the ‘Extend A Hand, Help A Friend’ non-profit is back on the road and in the kitchen.

The organization’s goal is to serve an estimated 400 meals today and tomorrow to the elderly in the Gulfport community.

When this first started last month, plates made their way all over Harrison County, but due to limited resources, the group has to focus on the City of Gulfport at this time. Jeffrey Hulum III with the organization said, “We have to keep it going because our elders and when Ms. Jeanine called and said we gotta start back because some people aren’t getting stimulus checks like other people are getting. “

Jeanine Casey with the organization said, “The seniors we have to take care of the seniors because those are our vulnerable ones and that’s dear to my heart. So, I’m going to do everything I can to help the seniors.”

If you know of any seniors in the Gulfport community in need, reach out to the ‘Extend A Hand, Help A Friend’ Facebook page.

If you would like to make a donation for future meals visit www.eahhaf.org.

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