‘Extend a Hand, Help a Friend’ offering rides to the polls

With the deadline for absentee ballot voting knocking on our doors this Halloween, the scariest thing could be not having a ride to the polls.

The nonprofit organization ‘Extend a Hand, Help a Friend,’ is here to help. If you need a ride to participate in absentee or Election Day voting, just call 228-383-4989 or visit their Facebook page and send a message.

They’ll then provide you with a point of contact in your community to get your ballot cast.

They’ll also provide sample ballots that way when you get to the polls, you’ll be familiar with the voting process. ‘Extend a Hand, Help a Friend,’ CEO Jeffrey Hulum III said, “Because this election is highly important, highly volatile, that everybody go out and cast their vote because their vote is their voice. In the state of Mississippi, a lot of things are getting ready to change and changing for the better, but that can only happen when everyone votes because that means that Mississippi is moving forward on a unified front.”

The nonprofit is also posting signs among many different communities with a contact for transportation. Their goal is to make sure everyone has their voice heard during this election season.

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