Experienced and New Boaters Seek Safe Harbor for their Water Vessels Before Gordon Hits Coast

He and another South Mississippi boater were part of a group of regional citizens who commandeered their own boats to help Harvey flood victims make it to safety last year, rescuing more than 100 people and 50 animals.

” This past weekend we talked about that. There were a lot of pictures going back and forth and reminiscing. That was something we were very blessed to be able to go and do. They needed help. We’ve been through it before, so we loaded up and headed that way, ” said Captain Ronnie Daniels, Fishermen’s Guide Host and Charter Boat Captain.

On Tuesday, Capt. Ronnie Daniels was at the helm once again, but back at home in South Mississippi. A seasoned charter boat captain and star of the TV show “Fishermen’s Guide,” Capt. Daniels had moved his boat from the Pass Christian Harbor long before the first bands of Gordon hit the coast.

” I’ve got mine in an open field, away from trees and power lines. If you don’t have an open field, the side of your house is fine, but a good tip to do is lower the jack on your trailer, let the front end of your boat fill up with water that way there’s enough weight there where the winds aren’t going to push it around and cause damage to anything else,” Capt. Daniels said.

Rick Adam was also teaching the ropes as he helped his two grandsons and son-in-law Steve DeWitt move their boat out of the Pass Christian Harbor Tuesday morning.

” He teaches sailing lessons to our kids, and then also whenever we’ve got to get out and get ready for a hurricane, he helps us make sure everything is secure and proper,” DeWitt said.


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