‘Experience America Tour’ visits Seabee Base

For the past two days more than 35 foreign ambassadors have been on a tour of the Mississippi Gulf Coast as part of a program called ‘Experience America.’ This morning, the diplomats visited the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport.

A warm Mississippi welcome from Governor Phil Bryant as ambassadors representing countries from across four continents set off on a mission at the Seabee Base Tuesday morning in Gulfport to tour some of the training facilities and check out the latest in naval education. “We are hoping that the state department’s ‘Experience America Tour’ was able to show the Seabee Base and our capabilities and our mission and what we bring to the entire DoD catalog.”

Gerald Zackios is the Marshall Island’s ambassador to the U.S. He’s no stranger to Seabees. In fact, he’s known quite a few who have carried out projects important to his homeland and he says he embraces this opportunity to witness first hand their training back here in America. “From what I have seen thus far you can see that there is professionalism expressed throughout the process as one who receives projects from the Seabees that they are professionally done to high standards.”

According to Zackios, Seabees have built things like sports facilities, water catchments, and renovated education buildings, all which are vital to the small islands. “Our islands get very limited rain so therefore water catchments are very important. Education is very key. So, all the assistance that they provide in all these services is very helpful and useful for the communities that they serve.”


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