Everson Has Non-Traditional Family, But is a Family Man

Thursday, News 25 sat down with the mother of Everson’s youngest son to discuss their non-traditional family.

Paige Roberts, Everson’s son’s mother, says, "The year that Oliver wanted to be a shark for Halloween, Mark secretly had my mother make him a shark costume so they could be dad and son sharks for Halloween just, almost like Finding Nemo, which was one of Oliver’s favorite movies."

Everson and Roberts had their son, Oliver, after an affair while they both worked for the American Red Cross. While unmarried and living in separate households, Roberts says Everson is no less involved in their son’s life than those of his other three children. Roberts says, "He is extraordinarily committed to Oliver. In fact, he bought property in Pascagoula at the corner of Beach Boulevard and Oliver Street."

Everson and Roberts view themselves, along with each of their additional children, as a cohesive family and do not believe their non-traditional look will have a negative impact on Everson’s campaign. Roberts also says, "I actually think our family unit in its uniqueness will be embraced by people because people are real and life is messy."

Roberts tells News 25 she commends Everson for his courage to run for President despite his unconventional history and following his heart in its mission to be the next leader of the free world. Roberts closes, "Mark is an every man’s man and as untraditional and flawed as we have proven to be, even with his flaws, he’s willing to be real and to be out there."

While Everson’s family doesn’t fit the picture perfect model historically seen in the White House, they believe they relate to more real American families of today, and Roberts plans on standing by his side as he makes a push for the Oval Office.

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