Everson Addresses Pascagoula City Council

One Coast politician refuses to look past the actions of Pascagoula police during the July 29th traffic stop of former Moss Point Police Chief Art McClung.
News 25’s Kendra Turley shows us what all former Republican presidential candidate Mark Everson had to say during tonight’s City Council meeting.
Many Coast residents thought they had heard the last of the controversial traffic stop that cost former Police Chief Art McClung his job. Pascagoula property owner Mark Everson feels more work needs to be done regarding the other party involved: the Pascagoula Police Department. “Police departments all over the country are under siege right now because they’re viewed as not handling things fairly. You can’t cut a break for one person, a colleague, that you wouldn’t give to somebody else,” said Everson.
Everson used the City Council meeting as a platform to encourage city leaders to look into whether or not proper police procedures were followed during the incident. “How they were followed or not followed and the use of discretion in this instance to apparently cut a break that few citizens feel they would be entitled to,” said Everson.
It’s been about two months since Pascagoula police pulled over McClung for allegedly speeding while under the influence. Officers placed McClung in the back of one of their squad vehicles while they spoke with their own chief, Kenny Johnson, over the phone who directed his officers to give McClung a ride home, an action residents feel deserves a consequence. Pascagoula resident Donna Meiselbach said, “I don’t think Chief Johnson should be fired, but I think he needs something, suspension, something in his records. He needs to be punished somehow.”
Everson tells News 25 how the council handles this situation from here will not only effect the police department, but the entire Pascagoula community. “It sends a message to kids and to parents that the efforts to confront drunk driving aren’t serious.”
Everson has testified before Congress 55 times. He’s a former IRS commissioner under President George W. Bush and served as deputy commissioner of the U.S. Justice Department’s Immigration and Naturalization Service under President Ronald Reagan.

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