Enjoying the holiday

The rain held off long enough for friends and family to enjoy their day off outdoors.
Living on the Gulf Coast, people have the chance to take full advantage of the beach. Whether it’s taking the boat out, swimming or just having a family picnic on the sand, folks could be seen soaking in the rays in Gulfport today.
One family traveled from Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana just to be on the beach today. Georgia resident Claymonce Parker said, “We guys just got up this morning and on an everyday occasion we just come out looking for some fun and having a good time with the kids, putting them out there on the beach, letting them run out some energy and so forth and so on. And being such a special day as Memorial Day you want to interact and let the troops know that we appreciate all the things they’ve done for us over the years so we out here just hanging loose.”
Parker tells News 25 she traveled from Georgia to be here. Her son lives in Slidell and her friends are from Dothan, Alabama.

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