Energy Saving Tips

July in South Mississippi is known as the dog days of summer. There are ways to keep that energy bill low even though the temperatures are high.
Mississippi Power representatives urge residents to keep their thermostats around 78 degrees. If you fluctuate to extremely low temperatures your air conditioner works harder and in return, makes your bill go up.
Remember to turn off your fans when you leave the house. Keeping it on does not make the room cooler, it simply moves the warmer air around.
It is also vital to maintain clean air filters in your home. Bill Snyder with Mississippi Power said, “One of the ways we recommend to remember that is when you get your power bill each month, make a little notch there to say ‘hey, I’ve got to replace my air filters.’ If those things get clogged with dust and debris and those kinds of things, it makes your air conditioning unit work harder.”
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