Emergency Leaders Offer Advice for the Upcoming Hurricane Season

Hurricane season begins today.
Whether you are a hurricane veteran or new to the coast, emergency leaders say there is always a way to improve your disaster plans. News 25 sat down with state and local emergency leaders to learn how they are working to keep you safe during a storm, and what you can do to help.
Forecasters predict 2015 to be a slow hurricane year, but emergency leaders say don’t let your guard down. For new residents, gather food, water and supplies for several days and plan a communication strategy with loved ones. For veterans, switch out expired food and damaged supplies and update contacts.
Rupert Lacy, Harrison County Emergency Management director, says, “We’ve gotten very comfortable with smart phones. We have learned that you need to download your phone contact information, because if your smart phone goes out, we have learned that we tend to forget phone numbers and contact information.”
Lacy suggests everyone on the coast research and practice their evacuation route, since getting out of a disaster stricken area can often be the difference between life and death.
MEMA Director Robert Latham says, “Get off the coast, and get out of the storm surge zone. Because when you look at the history of deaths in hurricanes, more than 50% of the deaths in Mississippi and Louisiana have been result of a storm surge.”
Officials also suggest logging valuables that you’ve purchased in the last year to help with insurance claims if another storm does hit Mississippi.

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