Election results in Jackson County

*These are the unofficial final results for Jackson County. This not counting absentee or affidavit votes. *

Public Service Commissioner Southern District: Democrat
32 precincts reporting:
Connie Moran:81.51 percent

Sugar Stallings: 18.35 percent

Public Service Commissioner Southern District: Republican
Dane Maxwell:68.34 percent

Kelvin Schulz:31.40 percent

Carole Anne Burnett:19.69 percent

Greta Guthans: 7.16 percent

Bruce Lynd, Jr.: 30.03 percent

Kitty Swetman: 29.09 percent

Darren B. Versiga: 13.93 percent

Senate District 47: 
Joseph Seymour: 70.15 percent

CT Switzer: 29.77 2percent

Senate District 51: 
Doug Adams: 15.76 percent

Jeremy England: 35.86 percent

Gary Lennep: 36.51percent

Butch Loper: 11.82 percent

House of Reps District 109: 
Manly Barton: 72.24 percent

Joshua Hardy: 27.68 percent

House of Reps District 114:
Kenneth Fountain: 34.85 percent

Jeff Guice: 41.87 percent

Rich Westfall: 23.17 percent

Constable district 1

Ty Thompson: 59.71%

Mickey Everest Jr.: 40.22%

Constable district 3

Kyle Cummings: 39.95%

Shane Langfitt: 59.92%

Constable district 4

Scott Burnside: 14.74

Kerry Fountain: 85. 17%

Tax Collector: Republican

Kevin J. Miller: 67.34%

‘Tony’ Shearer: 6.82%

Stephanie Tagert: 25.73%

Board of Supervisors District 1: Republican

Barry E. Cumbest: 67.23%

Steve A. Weiden: 32.69%

Board of Supervisors District 3: Republican

‘Tommy’ Martin: 29.43%

Ken Taylor: 70.49%

Board of Supervisors District 5: Republican

Randy Bosarge: 50.26%

George F. Zorn: 49.71%

Justice Court Judge District I: Republican

Matt Lachaussee: 70.07%

Richard Palmer: 29.92%

Justice Court Judge District 4: Republican

Suzette Breland: 36.91%

Danny Guice III: 63.02%

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