Election for Jackson County Board of Supervisors

Some residents in Jackson County attend the Board of Supervisor’s meetings every week but still feel as if they do not have a voice. So, they plan to vote for change in tomorrow’s general election.
District 3 Supervisor Mike Mangum and District 5 Supervisor John McKay will be replaced after losing in the primaries. Barry Cumbest and Melton Harris Jr. are running unopposed. Troy Ross is running against two opponents who both want to see new leadership but Ross believes his experience will help him continue to get to the bottom of the Singing River Health System debacle.
Sean Alawine, who is running for District 4 supervisor, said, “There needs to be a change. These issues and several others have been going on for some time and the Board of Supervisors has not been adequately dealing with these issues.”
David Venus, who is also running for District 4 supervisor, said, “I want to show people that if you go get out and vote, we can make a statement and it will do good.”
District 4 Supervisor Troy Ross said, “We’ve been here before, we’ll continue to do that. We just have to push that to the side and look at the more important issue of fixing this retirement right now.”
News 25 will be live in Jackson County at 5:30, 9:00 AND 10:00 tomorrow for all of your election results.

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