Election Day on the Coast

A one man band on a South Mississippi campaign trail of his own perched at the same precinct in Gulfport during each election cycle over the past five years. Today was no exception.

Overcast skies and the occasional downpour didn’t stop a steady stream of voters from casting their ballots at South Mississippi precincts during the first few hours of Election Day Tuesday.

History repeated itself at the Gulfport precinct at the corner of Fernwood and Debuys Road in Gulfport as South Mississippi resident Roger Brokaw flashed political signs just as he did in this exact spot a few months ago during June’s primary elections, although it was a much different setting. “For one thing, it’s not raining as hard and number two the turnout is much, much better. This is a really serious election and it should be because it’s going to change the course of our country,” said Brokaw.

There was a steady stream of voters at South Mississippi precincts throughout the day. “I tell you what; this is the biggest turnout I’ve seen in the many years that I’ve stood here. It was packed at 7 when I first got here. I should have shown up at 6:30 a.m.,” said Brokaw. “Well, there’s been a lot of emphasis at the national level. We’re electing two U.S senators and a lot of judges. I can’t even keep the judges straight.”

Regardless of who wins this election cycle, Brokaw says you can expect to see him armed and ready in this same spot down the road when it comes time to vote again. “It’s a right and a privilege because we are Americans, we better vote.”

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