Election Commission Prepares for Sheriff Election in Nov.

Interim Sheriff, Charles Britt, has withdrawn from the Jackson County Sheriff’s race after the controversy surrounding his firing of Deputy Louie Miller. While there is no presidential election this year, there are several big races coming up this November.

The U.S. Senate and 4th Congressional District seat are both up for grabs, as well as Jackson County Chancery Court Judge and school board member openings. The one race on the minds of Jackson County residents is of course the Sheriff’s race. With just six weeks until the November general election, races in Jackson County are heating up.

One name has just been removed from the ballot however. Britt withdrew from the Jackson County Sheriff’s race this week after his controversial firing of a deputy. Joe Martin, Jackson County Circuit Clerk, says, “There were about seven military ballots that by law had to be out, so they’re already gone, and they had Sheriff Britt’s name on there. There’s nothing we could do about that, but we were able to get the information quick enough from Sheriff Britt that he was resigning and pulling out of the race to stop the ballot.”

All affidavit and regular ballots will look like the sample ballot, which includes the remaining six candidates in the Sheriff’s race. Now that the ballots have been straightened out, the County Election Commission is focused on training their poll workers to be better than ever. Danny Glaskox, Chairman of the Jackson County Election Commission, says, “We’re being a little more precise about how to process absentees, because there was a little confusion about how to do them before, so we’re clearing that up, and we’re also emphasizing affidavits.”

It’s not only the names that change on the ballots every year, but also the rules and regulations that poll workers must follow. That’s why it’s so important for them to attend training sessions. Charlotte Brown, a Jackson County poll worker, says, “And we need it. I mean, it’s something you learn each time, just like right now there are two different envelopes for the military. So the military, if they’re oversees of course they don’t have to sign and they don’t have to show their ID, so that’s something that we need updating on.”

As poll workers continue training, candidates will be campaigning as everyone gets ready for the November election. The Election Commission wants to remind residents to register to vote and update all personal information. Voters also need to be sure they have an approved photo ID, like a drivers’ license or passport, which is now required to be able to vote.

For more information, contact your county circuit clerk at (228) 769-3040 for Jackson County or (228) 865-4051 for Harrison County.

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