Edd’s Drive-In fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A time of reflection and giving back, Edd’s Drive-In has been donating funds to breast cancer awareness for a few years now, but this time it is personal.

Edd’s Drive In is a local 50s style drive-in restaurant known for its delicious chili cheeseburgers and milkshakes.

The restaurant is implementing a Power of Pink campaign in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and their General Manager Susan Parker, who recently had her own personal battle against breast cancer. “The strawberry shakes come directly from our owners. That’s a portion of the proceeds from that, and then everyday there’s a little tip jar up that all the customers put their tips in for, but we actually promote it, during the month of October, and we call it ‘tips help save the tatas.’ So, instead of the employees getting those tips for the month, everything goes directly to the Singing River Foundation.”

Fundraising this year is extra special because Susan is also celebrating her one year of being cancer free.

Parker said she had the most incredible support staff that loved and encouraged her every step of the way of her diagnosis and that is one of the many reasons why she chose to keep the fundraising local, by sending it to Singing River Foundation’s cancer fund. “After my personal battle, and seeing so many people within our own community that are battling it, my customers that I know every day that I don’t even know what they’re going through, it was really important for us to keep that local, so we chose the Singing River Foundation to keep that money local so it could help our everyday customers.”

Last year, with the funds of the strawberry shakes and tips, Edd’s Drive-In was able to donate over $2,000. They’re hopeful that they’ll raise more this year.

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