East Biloxi wakes up to Hurricane Zeta’s damage

Many people in South Mississippi woke up this morning with clearly visible signs of damage left in Hurricane Zeta’s wake.

After a tumultuous night of wind, rain, and storm surge unleashed by Hurricane Zeta, the sun began to rise Thursday morning, shedding light on widespread debris and damage.

Sirens, mangled signs, shattered, dangling traffic lights all around riddled with whipping wind. Biloxi resident Shelley Zabatini practically had a front row seat as she rode out the storm on Myrtle Street, just north of Harrah’s Gulf Coast and the beach.  “You can see the boat. There’s a boat laying over here now.”

But glad on this morning, she is a storm survivor. “I rode out the storm. There was a lot of wind, a lot of debris, a lot of water, everything flying around. The water came up so quickly. It went all the over to the fire department over here. It was about three feet over here. I was scared. Really, I was just worried about the house actually going down. That’s really what worried me the most.”

But Zabatini, her stilted home and South Mississippi, all still standing. “It was so awful. I drove my car over there. I had to sit in my car while everything was flying around. I saw trees and stuff flying. It was a mess.”

In recovery mode and moving forward despite the damage, reflecting the same resilient spirit that has shined through over the years in South Mississippi, especially when disaster strikes. “This is a way of life down here. That’s what we do, pick up the pieces and keep going on.”

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